Art and Stewardship

Getting to know Pat Musick’s installations, paintings and sculptures for the past decade, I realized she is one who voraciously attempts to grasp the ubiquitous and inherent essence of phenomena through an existential approach, a process-based meditation.

Each work of art is a swatch or vignette, underscoring its partialness or fragmentation of the whole, rooted in the hope that everything matters, every moment, substance, dream or memory. The cosmos exists simultaneously from both a micro- and macro-perspective. Experiencing a curated collection of Musick’s work, the viewer sees these trace expressions as connected, forging a cadence of visually and contextually charged alchemic narratives. She depicts the duality in human nature - the careful sense of proprietary and stewardship, the awe of the universe, also informed by a dialectic of genocide and solipsistic atrocities. In the end, we have a choice for our collective future and the longevity of the planet.

Jerry Carr and Pat Musick have collaborated in a symbiotic union for twenty years. An astronaut, Jerry has a unique viewpoint that few people have known. From space, he could bear witness to the rami cations of the human

presence on the earth. He was exposed to the fragility of the planet and its relationship to the universe.

The woven and collective voice of Pat Musick and Jerry Carr is unprecedented. It must be experienced. Through them, the question is asked what the human race will do with our immediate future, our current set of pressing questions.

They share an appreciation of the beauty of all things. They are awake to the underlying rhythm and hum in the cosmos. It is in this that we can glimpse that which is unequivocal.

—Anthony Cafritz

Founder/Director Salem Art Works, Salem, NY