Scott Sustek


Artist's Statement

Art is for everyone, and can be experienced not only by observing, but also, and most powerfully, by creating. We all have something to say, and have so many different means at our disposal: speaking, writing, acting, singing, playing an instrument, drawing, painting, and sculpting are just a few. Sculpting is where I found my means of expressing that which I cannot "say" in any other way.  In college and graduate school I found myself captivated by sculpture but with no way to experience it, save observing it. After my formal education, I spent the first nine years of my career "sculpting" young minds and bodies, by teaching and coaching. Now I find my voice in chiseling stone, modeling clay, casting bronze, and welding/shaping steel. Sculpting appeals to different aspects of my personality: the destructive and the constructive. Subtractive sculpting such as carving allows me to find the entrapped form within the block, creating or "freeing" while I selectively pulverize portions of stone. Modeling in clay, wax, or cement allows me to call forth a form from the void without constraints imposed by a block of starting material. Steel provides me with an avenue to the infinite: I can fabricate any shape I desire, moving any direction in space to make my statement.

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The Benini Foundation Galleries and Sculpture Ranch | 377 Shiloh Road | Johnson City, Texas USA 78636
830-868-5244 Studios Building | 830-868-5224 Studios Building | 830-868-2247

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