Five Stasz sculptures are on display at
The Sculpture Ranch, three in the indoor
galleries and two on the sculpture trails.
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For most of my life I have been bending steel, welding bronze and carving rock and never tire of the challenges found in bringing new ideas to life through these materials.  The materials with which I work are ideally suited for large-scale outdoor applications.  I also have a keen understanding of their capabilities, both aesthetic and structural, and find a certain harmony in bringing them together in a composition.  Each material has different textures, finishes, and light-reflective qualities that lend themselves well to both sculpture and fountains. Water being a universal element, there is a certain pleasure derived from a water feature, even without reference to the work of art itself.  I have always had to create water features that stand on their own right, without the water, as interesting, engaging, and visually appealing sculptures.  

The elemental forms of my work are broad in their aesthetic appeal.  While much of my work is decidedly contemporary in composition and presentation, I strive to imbue each work with a sense of timelessness and build from the classic tenets of sculpture. My goal is to create a work of art that can be enjoyed by every different manner of viewer, something that can speak to individuals on a personal level and be reflected in their thoughts and enjoyment.  I consider it important to allow everyone to interpret the work of art in his or her own way. 

Over the years I have created more than 300 sculptures and fountains, close to half of which were site-specific.  For these 130+ commissions, I have worked with architects and landscape designers, the natural environment, history and even religious symbols.  The catalyst is often provided by the location of the work and the client's vision.  My role is to interpret this vision and bring it to life through line and form, motion and balance.  Bringing all this information into a work of art is a challenge, and a welcome one.   

                                                   Mark Stasz  For more information see www.StaszSculpture.com




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