The Great Benini (Work in Progress)
Steel, Ferro Cement and Mirror Mosaic
Photos by Cynthia Lively



Artists are the antennae of civilization. –Jonas Perkins
Jonas Perkins, in his Fredericksburg, Texas studio, creates unique portrait commissions in sculpture, mosaics and frescoes. His 40 year career includes commissions for US and foreign Presidents, statesmen, public/historical figures and personal heroes. After training at the Art Institute of Chicago and the Institute Allende Art Academy, Jonas brought his dreams to Texas.
Jonas’s sculptures decorate the local aesthetic landscape. His impressive Korean War Memorial (across from the Municipal Auditorium) and his larger-than-life-sized Jose Antonio Navarro (downtown San Antonio) both list with the Alamo as tourist sites. His memorial busts reside in the Hill Country at public libraries, museums and schools. And, annually since 1986, the City of San Antonio presents Jonas’ MLK bust as the Humanitarian Award to outstanding citizens.
Across North America, Jonas Perkins sculptures grace museums, memorials, universities and Presidential Libraries. Jonas was the first African-American to place a bronze of another African American in the Oval Office. His Martin Luther King bust had a place of honor in the White House Oval Office throughout Bill Clinton’s tenure.
Jonas inspires conservationists with the "green" concept of his underground garden and his home, which he designed and continues to build and renovate. He uses only recycled materials, with domed ceilings made from 12 foot satellite dishes, Styrofoam insulation and mosaic floors, comprised of extra pieces from finished projects.
Jonas Perkins and his art serve as good-will ambassadors to every nation and every land.

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About his massive Luminary Sculpture Mosaic, The Great Benini, Jonas says:
In homage to my friend, my monolith artist emerges from the earth, seeing our world for the first time. Exploring, he is still part of the earth—not yet of our world. Looking at The Great Benini, spectators imagine the rest of him that is yet to emerge into our sight. The sun and moon reflect in The Great Benini luminary, attracting galaxies of artists on earth—just as gravity attracts planets to large celestial bodies.


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