I sculpt steel. I work steel to contrast form with the industrial properties of iron. The skills I strive to perfect are inclusive of technique and intuition. I am concerned with the quality of line; creating interactions of planes, arches, and the play of shadow with the environment focusing on expression through form.
My artistic aesthetic originated in flat west Texas land with steel trees of rigs and pump jacks. After studying art at multiple universities and museum schools, I graduated with a degree from the University of Texas at Austin. My paternal grandfather was a coal - field blacksmith. My sculpture is a continuation of this iron and steelwork, which starts with dirt, survives the wind and ends in the sky.

My sculpture is exhibited throughout the United States: Houston, Dallas, Galveston, Midland/Odessa and San Antonio, in Texas as well as New York, Massachusetts, Nebraska, Washington and Michigan. Awards and distinctions I have received include the Cultural Arts Council Houston & Harris County Grant, 2000; the Visual Arts Alliance (VAA) Project Grant, 2000; the E. Noel Art Museum’s "Metal Arts ‘97 and ‘99 competition awards; an award by Clint Wilhour, juror, VAA Show, 1999; by Harvey Bott for the "400 LA" show, 1997 and Shell Chemical Neodal Competition in 1994. I have been written about in multiple publications including: "ArtLies" 2003 & 2000, "2002,” Sculpture Magazine, 2000; "Houston Chronicle, 1997" and "Museum & Arts Magazine, 1996".

My works are in the Texas Sculpture Garden of Hall Financial, Frisco Texas, Baylor Women and Children's Hospital and Jay Shinn’s Magnolia Lodging, Dallas, Hall Winery, Napa Valley, CA., The Embassy Suites in Rogers Arkansas, in the collect of the E. Noel Art Museum of the Permian Basin, the collection of The Arts Alliance of Clear Lake, Tx. and collections throughout Texas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Nebraska, New York, Oklahoma, Washington, D.C., Indonesia, St. Martin's Island in the Caribbean, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Germany and Mexico.



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