Grafos' Double-Loaded

Double Loaded


Medium: Fiberglass, Steel, Marble
Size: 20ft L, 3ft W, 3ft H
Price: $5,500

Photo by Bob Stickney

I commissioned the piece to be
fabricated by an actual company that makes steeples...I sketched out what I wanted it to end up being and have attached that sketch. I have been photographing statuary in urban landscapes for over a decade and started fabricating sculpture around four years ago.

The conventional steeple points to "heaven," but in doing so in my piece, it is met by its own reflection. It has bumped up against the edge of one sphere of reality and points to another. That which is created points to its creator, and in doing so finds itself being pointed at in return as the creator (of meaning...of a religion, of an artifact, etc.) Creation happens in all directions, and everything is implicated as both creator and created. Steeples are powerful symbols in their found environment. I am interested in removing them from this “sacred place” and placing them within a contemporary setting.
They are the lightning rods of our modern day architecture, antennas reaching toward God.

The piece “Two Steeples” involves two actual fiberglass steeples with the peaks pointing at each other. By removing them from the roof of a church and placing them on the ground a few things begin to happen. Firstly, that which conventionally intended to be placed on top of an architectural structure is brought down to eye-level of the viewer, then self-reflective. I have pointed them towards each other to change their position in relation to their surroundings. Secondly, the
duality of the steeples suggests an equal importance on more than one symbol, an instance of the viewer questioning which one takes precedence. (Which set of beliefs is more important than the other?)
Thirdly, by pointing the apexes toward each other, a tension is formed, much like the tension of fingers not quite meeting within Michelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam." That friction represents the friction between different faiths, between believers and non-believers, between the mind and the spirit, and between Creator and Man.

Gina Grafos



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